Resume (Jan 4, 2023)



I’m a full-stack Java web & mobile developer (Spring Boot, Angular, Flutter) with 24 years of Java experience, 12 years of remote development work experience, and excellent communications skills. Since 2017, I've put two new full-stack Java web projects and one new Java web & mobile project into production; I was the sole developer on two and lead developer on one. I also collect requirements, test, run, and support projects.


  • Languages: German (native), English (fluent)
  • Expert: Java, SQL, relational DBs, Spring Boot, technical writing
  • Advanced: Angular, Flutter, Dart, HTML, CSS, Hibernate, Gradle
  • Intermediate: Typescript, JavaScript, Docker, Nginx


Full-stack Developer, Co-Founder: Your Home in Good Hands Ltd, UK (Since January 2020)
  • Full-stack Java web developer (Spring Boot, Angular), tester, support engineer, architect, analyst for new Java web workforce management application
  • Full-stack mobile developer (Flutter), tester, support engineer, architect, analyst for new native iPhone and Android workforce management apps
  • Working completely remote
  • Technologies: Java, TypeScript, Dart, Angular, HTML, CSS, Flutter, JHipster, Spring Boot, Spring, Firebase, Hibernate, SQL, PostgreSQL, Gradle, Git, Docker, Nginx, iOS, Android, Gitlab CI

Full-stack Developer: aformatik GmbH, Germany (June 2018 – July 2019)
  • Full-stack Java web developer (Spring Boot, Angular), tester, support engineer, architect, analyst for new internal Java billing system
  • Technologies: Java, TypeScript, Angular, HTML, CSS, JHipster, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, SQL, PostgreSQL, Gradle, Docker, Nginx, Git, Jenkins

Full-stack Developer: PDV-Systeme GmbH, Germany (June 2017 – March 2018)
  • Full-stack Java web developer (Spring Boot, Thymeleaf), tester, support engineer, architect, analyst, project manager for new Java distributed server monitoring system
  • Worked completely remote
  • Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Artemis, Tomcat, Gradle, Zabbix 3.4

Full-stack Developer, Co-Founder: Seldon Systems, US, Germany (January 2004 – January 2017)
  • Full-stack Java web developer (Spring, Struts, Grails), tester, support engineer, architect, analyst, project manager for new Java cable TV network power supply monitoring product (protected TV, Internet, and phone services during power outages for 50 million North American cable TV households)
  • Full-stack Java web developer (Grails), tester, support engineer, architect, analyst, project manager for new Java call center service software
  • Worked remotely 8 out 13 years
  • Technologies: Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Struts, JSP, HTML, CSS, Spring, Grails, Apache Lucene, ActiveMQ, Rule Engine Drools, mybatis, Hibernate, SQL, MySQL, Tomcat

Back-end Developer, Architect: PDV-Systeme GmbH, Germany (January 2003 – August 2003)
  • Back-end Java developer (Java EE), architect for migrating document management product from Windows to Java & HTML
  • Technologies: Java EE, Struts, HTML, CSS, Oracle 9i, Oracle 9 Application Server

Full-stack Developer, Project Manager: Mundwerk AG, Germany (May 2001 – August 2002)
  • Back-end Java developer, tester, support engineer for new Java voice application platform
  • Full-stack Java voice application developer (JSP), tester, support engineer, analyst, project manager for two new Java customer voice applications
  • Technologies: Java, VoiceXML, JSP, Voice Recognition Nuance 7.0, SQL, MySQL

Full-stack Developer: American Management Systems, Sweden, Netherlands, UK (January 1999 – December 2000)
  • Full-stack Java web developer (Java EE), tester, architect, project manager on two new Java Intelligent Agent research projects
  • Technologies: Java EE, HTML, Swing, IBM WebSphere, SQL, DB2


I'm a recognized Java industry expert. I spoke at 8 Java conferences in 2021, including the largest German and UK conferences. I'm also a professional writer for technical websites, such as the software engineering website InfoQ (1.6 million monthly active users) and the Java website Baeldung (13 million monthly page views).


Website "Better Projects Faster"

My website has videos, slides, additional information, and links to get started for my talks. I also write feature articles on important Java news here and host a tutorial on the Java open-source generator JHipster.

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Dresden University of Technology: Germany (October 1990 – January 1996)
  • Master of Computer Science: Final grade "Very Good" (among the top 10% of my peers)
  • Major: Software Engineering, Databases
  • Minor: English, occupational psychology