Work Samples


Native Mobile Apps with Flutter (2019)

In the summer of 2019, I built native iOS/Android apps with Flutter to validate a business problem. Flutter is Google's cross-platform UI toolkit. I used Google's cloud service Firebase for login, No-SQL database, and file storage. I also built my own back-end with Java, JHipster, Spring Boot and Angular. This video has the details.

Progressive Web App (2019/20)

At the end of 2019, I built a progressive web app (PWA) to speed up app development. A PWA uses the "Service Worker" in a browser to install on your device and cache data. I used [Google Workbox]( for this, but developed my own offline storage solution in the browser. I built my back-end with Java, JHipster, Spring Boot and Angular. This video has the details.


Lightning talk about Google JIB for London Java Community (2020)

Google JIB optimizes building Docker images for Java applications. I demonstrated it in an 8 minute lightning talk for the London Java Community on May 15, 2020.


This is a specification for a fictitious web application which has a manual Customer Data Import from an Excel spreadsheet. This document specifies an automated import.

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This is a bug report for JHipster, a Java code generator that I've used in a number of projects. It created the wrong code under some circumstances. To reproduce the issue, I set up a sample JHipster project and then filed this bug.

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I have my own blog at where I help Java developers build better projects faster. Here is the first part of my JHipster tutorial. My editor, Michael Duda, performed some light editing on it (such as some rephrasing here and there).

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